Australian Pole Sports Federation Championships 

The inaugural Australian Pole Sports Federation Championships was held in Cairns at the Cairns Basketball Early Settler Stadium at 289 Aumuller St on 6-7 July, 2019.  Twenty three athletes battled it out in front of over 300 spectators.  

Elite Open Masters 40+ Women:
🥇 Ryoko Ibaraki

Elite Masters 40+ Women:
🥇 Amy Davidson

Elite Mastes 50+ Women:
🥇 Christie Kurrle
🥈 Adrienne Smillie
🥉 Rita Valvasori

Amateur Senior Women:
🥇 Jessica Hodges
🥈 Mischala Harrison
🥉 Mika Kuramochi
🎖 Briony Mole

Elite Open Senior Women:
🥇 Daniela Perello

Elite Senior Women:
🥇 Catherine Guirguis
🥈 Andi Tasman

Amateur Senior Doubles Female/Female:
🥇 Jessica Morris & Jennifer Donaldson

Elite Senior Doubles Male/Female:
🥇 David Wilson & Tasmin Rymer

Elite Senior Doubles Female/Female:
🥇 Amy Davidson & Jude Perrett

Amateur Senior Women:
🥇 Karzira Randall

Semi-Professional Senior Women:
🥇 Courtney Venn

Professional Senior Women:
🥇 Catherine Guirguis
🥈 Andi Tasman

Semi-Professional Doubles:
🥇 Marian Foster & Lyn Foster
🥈 Olivia De Rosa & Sophia Roche

Six athletes qualified to represent Australia at the World Pole Sports Championships on 4-6 October in Montreal, Canada: Christie Kurrle, Amy Davidson, Catherine Guirguis, Tasmin Rymer, David Wilson and Jude Perrett.

What the APSF Championships are part of:
Our annual competition is part of a network of more than 25 competitions with over 5,000 athletes.  Athletes  compete for the coveted title of National Champion in the following categories and disciplines:

  • Senior Women – 18-39 years
  • Senior Men 18-39 years
  • Male/Female Doubles – 18+
  • Female/Female Doubles – 18+
  • Male/Male Doubles – 18+
  • Masters 40+ Women
  • Masters 40+ Men
  • Masters 50+ Women
  • Masters 50+ Men
  • Junior Girls – 15 - 17
  • Junior Boys – 15 - 17
  • Junior Doubles Mixed
  • Novice Girls – 10 – 14
  • Novice Boys – 10 – 14
  • Novice Doubles Mixed
  • Pre- Novice
  • Parapole
  • Artistic Pole
  • Ultra-Pole

Top elite athletes will be selected from the APSF Championships to represent Australia at the IPSF World Pole Championships annually; more than 40 countries are represented. IPSF judging rules, regulations and scoring have been carefully created by the IPSF technical committee, in conjunction with the pole community, to promote a fair and transparent judging.

As well as the Elite category for athletes aiming to qualify for the WPSC, we will include the Amateur and Professional divisions, providing the platform for these athletes to compete using the IPSF Code of Points.

World Pole Sports Championships

The IPSF competition season runs from January to October.  The Code of Points released in September 2018 will be valid for the next two competiton seasons, 2019/2020.

Registrations Are Closed for 2019

If you would like to compete, please choose from the following:

Singles - Athlete

  • All competing athletes must:

  • Become Athlete Members 
  • Complete the registration form 
  • Pay registration fee
Competition Registration Form

Doubles - Athlete Pair

  • All competing athletes must:

  • Become Athlete Members
  • Complete the registration form 
  • Pay registration fee
Competition Registration Form


$15 - $99
  • All competing athletes (including both doubles partners) must become Athlete Members!
  • All competing athletes must fill in the membership form and choose from the 3 membership options:
Membership Form

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